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Wondering about mysterious charges on your credit card for $7.85, $4.85 or something similar?

That's not this site. The charges are coming from the similarly named ICON-O-MATIC.ORG site. Don't bother contacting them, please contact your credit card company to get the unauthorized charges removed, since it that is likely that site is a fraud site and your credit card information may have been stolen. Please also consider filing a complaint here. Be sure to include that the site in question is ICON-O-MATIC.ORG and not any of my sites. I have nothing to do with them apart from having a similar domain name! Quit sending *me* angry emails, ok?

The Amazing Ribbon-o-Matic

The Fantabulous Icon-o-Matic

The 1996 original. Accept no substitutes, 'cause they might be even uglier. Yep, still milking it.The troubled, less popular offspring of the Ribbon-o-Matic and a whole mess of riboflavin.


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Over 89,000 graphics!Big, bigger than big. The biggies. As in, those that have received alot of hits.

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