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Attention Deficit Disorder

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 Bronze! ?
Anonymous - 11/25/2000 03:20 PM EST

ADD Awareness
 Bronze! ADD Awareness - Stefanie Evans - 06/09/1999 11:33 AM EDT
 Super! ADD Awareness - Tara - 08/11/1999 12:50 PM EDT

 Super! ADHD Awareness Week
Anonymous - 10/30/2001 11:02 AM EST

 Gold! ADHD! Educate Non Believers!
Vikki McLacklin - 06/06/1999 03:36 AM EDT

 Bronze! ADHD is REAL
Char - 08/07/2000 06:35 AM EDT

 Bronze! ADHD Proud
Dursty - 07/07/2001 04:17 PM EDT

 Gold! Everything Colorguard
andrea - 03/17/2001 01:58 PM EST

 Bronze! -=>@<=-
Anonymous - 06/24/2001 08:50 PM EDT

 Gold! HELP STOP A.D.D! that's attention deficit... something-or-other
Melanie - 07/10/1999 04:28 AM EDT

 Gold! I am an ADDmirableWoman
Patti L. Petit - 09/22/1999 09:47 AM EDT

 Bronze! Promote Attention Deficit Syndrome A.D.S.
Rhiannon Feinstein - 08/05/1999 10:23 AM EDT

 Bronze! TRICK or TREAT
Maxhardcore - 10/11/2002 12:07 AM EDT

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