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William Jefferson Clinton, the man, myth & legend

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 Gold! Exchange POW's for Bill, Hilary, and Al
Bob - 04/16/1999 12:29 AM EDT

 Bronze! Gee, with all this talk of bombs, I almost forgot about Whitewater, Monica and Chinese espionage... The Dog is Wagging!
Anonymous - 03/25/1999 04:16 AM EST

 Silver! Give Bill an M-16 and let him lead the troops. He needs hands-on experience.
Anonymous - 03/23/1999 10:59 PM EST

 Bronze! Primary Colors!
Anonymous - 03/25/1999 01:44 AM EST

 Bronze! Send clinton to Kosov
Sharon Stunich - 04/02/1999 10:52 AM EST

Ollie, how is this worse than illegally selling arms to a hostile foreign power?

 Bronze! Anti Paula Jones Campaign
Pioneer Grrrl - 09/14/1999 10:43 AM EDT

Anonymous from - 11/04/1998 09:25 PM EST

 Super! Citizens for a Linda Tripp Free America
Pioneer Grrrl - 09/11/1999 02:13 PM EDT

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