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How this whole stupid thing got started

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 Bronze! ~100% AMERICAN~
Beverly Forbes - 04/05/2003 10:00 AM EST

 Bronze! ANARCHY!
Justin - 12/02/2000 12:05 AM EST

Rita Goldfarb - 04/07/1999 07:10 PM EDT

 Silver! Ban the teenyboppers!
The Psycho Chihuahua - 06/29/1999 10:54 PM EDT

 Bronze! Dare to think for yourself!
Anonymous - 04/08/2003 08:31 AM EDT

 Bronze! Eat Me, Beat Me, Bite Me, Blow Me, Suck Me, Fuck Me, Very Slowly If You Kiss Me Dont Be Sassy Use Your ToungeAnd Make It Nasty
Anonymous - 09/02/2001 02:53 AM EDT

 Bronze! Freedom of speech. Blue Ribbon
Anonymous from - 09/05/1997 10:40 AM EDT

 Silver! Freedom of speech. Blue Ribbon Campaign
Anonymous from - 09/05/1997 10:43 AM EDT

 Gold! Free Speech
Anonymous from DA.UU.NET - 07/06/1997 02:05 AM EDT

 Bronze! Free Speech Includes The Word!
Pamela Grinnell - 07/13/1999 05:12 PM EDT

Dead Dog Dorris - 12/14/2000 08:13 PM EST

 Bronze! Free Speech Online
Anonymous from - 09/18/1997 08:48 PM EDT

 Bronze! Free Speech Online Blue Ribbon Campaign
Anonymous - 07/22/1999 02:23 AM EDT

 Bronze! Free Speech On The CP List NOW
Cher - 12/03/1999 11:59 PM EST

 Gold! Fuck Censorship
Anonymous - 12/10/2001 05:10 PM EST

 Bronze! Fuck off, hippie!
leck mich - 03/12/2003 04:28 AM EST

 Gold! FUCK YOU, this won't do! FREEDOM for Adults!
Micheline - 11/21/1998 10:59 AM EST

 Bronze! Horny, And Lovin It!
Anonymous - 03/27/2002 06:27 PM EST

 Gold! I Don't Give A Fuck!
Caitlin - 03/11/2003 09:40 PM EST

 Silver! I DON'T GIVE A SHIT - WILL - 06/16/1999 06:52 PM EDT
 Bronze! I Don't give a SHIT! - Will - 06/16/1999 11:51 PM EDT

 Silver! I don't give them hell, I give them the truth and they think its hell
megan - 02/20/2001 01:12 AM EST

 Bronze! If Ya Aint Walked A Mile In My Shoes Then Ya Need To Shut The Fuck Up
Kate - 10/02/2001 11:22 AM EDT

 Bronze! I have a shotgun, a shovel, and 5 acres behind the house. Do Not piss me off.
Jessi - 12/06/2001 05:44 PM EST

 Bronze! Jesus was a faggot
leck mich - 03/12/2003 04:23 AM EST

 Gold! Neopian Free Speech Campaign
Brandy - 03/19/2002 10:59 AM EST

 Bronze! Pagan Girls
Jessica - 02/27/1999 11:17 AM EST

 Gold! Parents take care of YOUR own kids!
Micheline - 11/21/1998 10:53 AM EST

 Silver! Poets for Free Speech on the Web
britt e. hyden - 08/17/1999 01:29 PM EDT

 Bronze! Pros and Cons of Free Speech on the Internet
Mikel Frost - 01/24/2000 01:22 PM EST

 Silver! Proud To Be Italian
Philip - 05/22/1999 12:38 AM EDT

 Gold! Respect America's Freedoms-- Respect Dissent!
Jayelle Lukash - 01/08/2002 01:41 PM EST

 Bronze! stand up for yourself
andrea - 01/17/2002 06:57 PM EST

 Bronze! starve for perfection
dues ex machina - 04/29/2002 03:00 PM EDT

 Bronze! stfu jewbie
Anonymous - 03/05/2003 10:52 PM EST

 Super! strive for perfection
Anonymous - 12/13/2000 02:19 PM EST

 Bronze! Support Becky's quest to get Wild Sex by 2002!!
Anonymous - 12/24/2001 01:14 AM EST

 Bronze! Support The Right To Eat Unpasteurized Cheese
Anonymous - 04/07/2002 01:08 AM EST

 Super! WebTVer's FOR FREEDOM of SPEECH!
Anonymous - 02/26/1999 06:06 PM EST

 Bronze! We Support Our Troops!!
Kate - 03/10/2003 11:58 AM EST

 Best!  Bronze! We, The People... Fighting For The First Amendment
Nani - 09/15/2001 02:12 AM EDT

 Super! Xenites Against Censorship
Kieran - 04/08/1999 11:42 PM EDT

 Bronze! You don't have to look anorexic to have an eating disorder
Anonymous - 05/18/2003 03:28 PM EDT

 Bronze! You're a faggot.
Weltmacht - 03/05/2003 07:44 PM EST

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