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 Bronze! Anti-Arnold Schwarzaneggar
Anonymous from - 12/05/2002 04:10 PM EST

"BAM! Bitch goes down! BAM! Sid, SuperBitch!" ~ Tatum SCREAM I
 Bronze! "BAM! Bitch goes down! BAM! Sid, SuperBitch!" ~ Tatum SCREAM I - samwich - 01/04/2000 06:10 PM EST
 Bronze! "BAM! Bitch goes down! BAM! Sid, SuperBitch!" ~ Tatum SCREAM I - ssssamwich - 01/04/2000 06:15 PM EST

 Bronze! Be loud Be proud Be Slytherin!
Anonymous - 09/03/2002 02:37 PM EDT

 Bronze! Beware Severus Snape Maniac
Anonymous - 08/31/2002 10:41 AM EDT

 Bronze! Elves Rule
Book Worm - 08/24/2002 02:08 AM EDT

 Bronze! Harry Lime Dates Scraggly Hos
Yonoho - 10/21/2002 06:26 PM EDT

 Bronze! Higgins is NOT Irish! He's ITALIAN!
Taps McCain - 06/22/2002 10:16 PM EDT

 Bronze! Hobbits Rule!!!
Book Worm - 08/08/2002 01:50 AM EDT

sally - 08/10/2002 10:36 AM EDT

 Bronze! I am a Professer at HPOwl Hogwarts RPG
Lumos Potter - 07/25/2002 11:43 AM EDT

 Bronze! I am a Student at HPOwl Hogwarts RPG
Lumos_Potter - 07/25/2002 11:30 AM EDT

 Bronze! I am the Deputy Headmistress at HPOwl Hogwarts RPG
Lumos Potter - 07/25/2002 11:51 AM EDT

 Bronze! I am the Headmistress at HPOwl Hogwarts RPG
Lumos Potter - 07/25/2002 11:47 AM EDT

 Bronze! I'm the King/Queen of New York!
Taps McCain - 06/22/2002 10:37 PM EDT

 Bronze! Jodie Foster is cool
Faye - 07/20/2002 01:38 AM EDT

 Bronze! Legolas Greenleaf
Libidinous - 01/01/2002 06:43 PM EST

 Bronze! Mike Myers is funny
Faye - 07/20/2002 01:36 AM EDT

 Bronze! Proud Pervy Hobbit Fancier
Stiney - 02/11/2002 05:19 AM EST

 Silver! Save the Space Monkeys!
Anonymous - 06/22/2001 11:43 AM EDT

 Bronze! Sean Biggerstaff *YuM*
Ro - 01/17/2002 05:46 PM EST

 Silver! The Jeffster is woohoo!
Anonymous - 12/13/2000 06:47 AM EST

 Bronze! The Princess Bride Allegiance
Anonymous - 01/03/2001 03:17 PM EST

 Bronze! Thumbs up for interesting horror movies!
sdad - 08/12/1999 05:01 AM EDT

 Bronze! Yay for more strong and in control movie rolls for women
Faye - 07/20/2002 01:41 AM EDT

 Bronze! Yay for movies with great plots
Faye - 07/20/2002 01:34 AM EDT

The boat sank, get over it!

 Bronze! .:final fantasy:.
Anonymous - 07/24/2002 05:01 AM EDT

 Bronze! For the 1500 souls lost on the Titanic
Shirley - 07/26/1999 11:38 PM EDT

 Silver! In memory of Martin Gallagher who died on board the RMS Titanic on April 15th, 1912
jennifer powell - 04/06/2000 08:06 PM EDT

 Bronze! Let the TITANIC Rest In Peace!
Anonymous - 07/27/2000 07:55 PM EDT

 Silver! REMEMBER THE TITANIC Alt.Discuss.Titanic
jennifer powell - 04/05/2000 11:27 AM EDT

 Gold! SAVE THE TITANIC VISIT alt.discuss.titanic
DGD - 03/30/2000 06:56 PM EST

 Bronze! This is in memory of Percy Pugh Lead Fireman RMS Titanic
Anonymous - 04/07/2000 12:30 AM EDT

 Bronze! This ribbon is for 1 of 1,500 lives lost on TITANIC
Jason Lamarche - 01/12/1999 04:54 PM EST

 Gold! This Ribbon is for 1 of the 1500 lives lost on the TITANIC
Anonymous from - 09/20/1998 05:17 AM EDT

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