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 Bronze! #1 Dad
Anonymous - 06/09/2001 02:55 PM EDT

 Bronze! Against Annoying Brothers
Kimberly - 01/12/1999 01:42 AM EST

 Bronze! All Equal Under The Sky
Julie Hume - 01/23/2000 11:27 PM EST

 Bronze! Archie Is an Old Fart
Elvis Wearing a Bra - 11/29/2002 08:28 PM EST

 Bronze! Aren't I just a little angel?
Bunny - 01/16/2002 07:07 AM EST

JANELL HUWALD-BURSS - 05/21/2000 05:17 PM EDT

 Bronze! BITCHES
JOE - 08/08/2002 04:46 AM EDT

 Bronze! Boycott the Portal of Evil!
Anonymous - 07/15/2001 12:46 AM EDT

 Bronze! ego contemno te CUNCTUS
april - 10/19/2002 11:30 PM EDT

 Gold! European Braveheart getting JOE MAC to Europe
stacy - 08/07/2002 04:06 PM EDT

 Bronze! Harry Lime Double Parks
Phoebe - 10/30/2002 02:04 PM EST

 Bronze! HAVE SEX!
Anonymous - 05/20/2002 07:07 AM EDT

 Bronze! I am a cool Right-handed, Left-footed person!
Anonymous - 11/15/1998 08:04 AM EST

 Bronze! if only the scars you see could resemble what's inside of me .cutters.anonymous.
Anonymous - 05/20/2003 07:10 PM EDT

Anonymous - 10/17/2002 02:34 AM EDT

 Bronze! I Support People in Poverty
Christina - 03/11/2001 11:45 PM EST

 Gold! Official Chaotic Unpredictably Dangerous 401K-wielding Forty-Something!
Anonymous - 10/06/2001 12:13 PM EDT

 Bronze! One of God's Children
janice walker - 04/01/2001 05:22 AM EDT

 Bronze! Proud Cherokee heritage
Janice - 03/31/2001 05:30 AM EST

 Bronze! Proud Harry Potter Fan
Chewie - 03/23/2001 01:11 PM EST

 Bronze! Puerto Rico
Carmen Nieves - 01/10/2001 06:49 PM EST

 Bronze! somethings can never be explained. like how our skies remain the same, and i wonder how the sky would look without my star.
nat - 05/30/2002 02:11 PM EDT

 Bronze! thanks Agent 99
Anonymous - 09/24/2001 06:58 PM EDT

 Bronze! The Freaks and Geeks Ribbon Campaign
Lisa Mitchell - 05/16/2001 08:49 PM EDT

 Bronze! We love Mariel!
Mariel - 04/12/2001 03:11 PM EDT

 Bronze! What do you do when the only person who can make you stop crying is the person who made you cry?
ashley - 12/28/2000 01:26 AM EST

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