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 Bronze! Against ribbons that mock real causes
chika - 05/07/2000 01:37 AM EDT

 Bronze! A Joke a Day Campaign
bob - 04/18/2003 11:47 AM EDT

 Bronze! a little fish in a big pond
trcey - 09/29/2000 02:18 PM EDT

 Bronze! Anti-cheer
Anonymous - 05/09/2001 05:58 PM EDT

 Silver! Anti-Ribbon Campaign
Anonymous from - 08/14/1997 05:55 PM EDT

 Best!  Gold! Ban Custom Ribbon Generators
Anonymous - 02/22/1997 07:04 PM EST

 Bronze! Ban Ribbons on Webpages
hack - 04/20/2000 12:07 AM EDT

 Bronze! Ban Small Print!! Give the Over 50 a Break!
Anonymous - 07/04/1999 01:22 AM EDT

 Best!  Silver! ban the ribbon
Anonymous from - 09/24/1997 01:47 AM EDT

 Bronze! Campagne anti Rubans Bleus
Dax - 12/02/1998 04:55 PM EST

 Gold! Enough With The Fucking Ribbons!!
Anonymous from - 07/06/1997 05:36 PM EDT

 Bronze! Generic red Scorpio sign
Joey - 10/21/2000 10:00 AM EDT

 Silver! I am against horse Slaughter ..... Are you?
Ally - 10/28/2001 01:19 AM EDT

 Bronze! i hate these fucking ribbons!
Anonymous from - 03/04/1997 10:02 PM EST

 Bronze! I Hate These Stupid Ribbon Campaigns, But I Want To At Least Appear That I Care Campaign
Tropical Tim - 11/04/1998 02:02 PM EST

 Bronze! November is anti-masturbation month
Anonymous - 11/09/2000 08:42 PM EST

 Gold! Stamp Out Ribbons
Anonymous from - 02/18/1997 01:52 PM EST

 Silver! The Campaign to Abolish All Ribbons
Peter Allendorfer - 01/02/1999 10:43 PM EST

 Bronze! There should be a limit to how many stupid icons and ribbons people can make.
Deeioajr - 08/18/1999 09:52 PM EDT

 Bronze! You Suck Andrew And Tim Elkins
Norman Mckenzie - 12/15/2001 05:43 AM EST

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