Since this site is all about creating customized graphics and placing them into content-specific gallery pages, you better believe that we collect some information on you in the process. This information is of no real practical value, because, to be perfectly honest, could the fact that you made a Newsies ribbon be used to sell you something, other than the copy of the movie that you already have? Not really.

General Summary

We at are privacy nuts and we will never sell any personal information to anyone, ever. I just couldn't sleep at night.

Graphic Registration

During the graphic creation process we collect your message, color & font choices, etc. You have the option to register your graphic (required only to get a permanent URL and a chance to be in the gallery) with your name & URL or as "Anonymous Coward" (go find out who he is yourself). You are not required to provide your name, email address or homepage URL in order to register. Graphics may also be listed as "private" and will not be listed in the galleries. You have an opportunity to mark yourself as "not contactable", which means that no one from will contact you for any reason, even in the case of problems with your graphic. You can contact us to have your graphics or whatever removed from the galleries, at any time. Your name, email and homepage URL is databased in order to generate the galleries, but email addresses are not displayed.

Email Forms

There are a variety of email forms that you can use to contact us. These forms email us directly, no message or email address is entered into a database. As many of you might know, many of the emails go unanswered, as well :)

Mail to a friend: all of the information, including sender and recipient email and your personal message are consumed and lost during the mailing. It's not saved or databased.

Mailing List

There is a mailing list available for site announcements, you can find more information here. This mailing list is posting restricted, meaning that only I can post and view the members of the list, so the list can neither be spammed nor integrated into other lists. You have to manually subscribe to this list, nothing happens automatically.

Exposure to advertisers

Unlike other sites, we take extreme care not to "accidentally" expose your personal information via referring URL information. All form activity involving your personal information occurs using the POST method, which prevents any "spillage."


Use one of the mail pages.

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